Why buy local art

Why buy local art?


Unique art 

A big issue with mass-produced artwork is that everyone ends up with the same stuff. Our homes start to lack a unique feeling of place and time. If you have a piece of art that reminds you of a specific memory, it can fill your home with warmth and positive memories. 


You can look through my site as to the kind of art that I have made so far. I welcome any art that I have not created so faras well,  including public art. If you have an “off the wall” idea, I would love to hear it. 

When you buy local art, you know you’re getting something unique that no one else has. When someone visits, they’ll immediately see the unique beauty of your piece and want to know where you got it.


Unbeaten quality

Most big-named stores sell mass-produced artwork that cost pennies to produce in a factory. Not only is the quality terrible, but it often steals ideas from small, independent artists and then makes it impossible for them to compete on pricing.


When you buy from a local artist like myself, you can own hand-made, quality artwork that you’ll have for a lifetime. I take pride in producing quality pieces for customers, and that’s reflected in the artwork you get. I ensure that the piece of work uses the highest quality of canvas, paints and hanging hardware. 

Better customer service and customization

One of the things that I love about working with people on what kind of art that they want, is the ability to create something unique for them. Concepts are discussed, and I then explain my process and consult with the client on a timeline that works. As someone with over 30 years experience as a graphic designer as well, I understand how to listen to a client to create a piece that you will love. 


My work is quite wide ranging and I often have potential clients look at the images in my online galleries to see what interests them. I am very passionate at every type of art that I make.


Money invested in your community

It’s tough for independent artist like myself to compete with giant superstores, but when you choose to invest your money in their artwork, you’re investing in your own community. That money cycles back into your local economy and everyone does better for it. 


There is an element of an artist’s art going up in price. I am seeing that already with the commissions that I have made so far. Getting art from an artist at the beginning of their career only ensures that the work will go up in value. I plan to do this for the rest of my days and my work will only increase.


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