Pull up a chair 2022

Pull up a Chair Event / St Marys Giving Tuesday 

Fundraiser for St.Marys Community Dinners where old chairs are decorated, repurposed, and will be auctioned off on November 29th, 2022. 100% of proceeds go towards St Marys Community dinners. 

I have done this before and enjoyed the process. I originally took 2 chairs but since the first one took much more of my time than I expected, so I only did the one. I first sanded and removed the old clear coat on the chair. I painted the wood a peacock blue and found a floral reference that I liked. The final design is much more stylized than the original reference and that is where the fun is. 

Acrylic paint was used and minwax polycrylic was used to seal the paint on the wood. 

st marys fundraiser chair 20222022 small