London Old East Village BIA Mural Project 2022

In the spring of 2022, Five artist mentee and mentor pairs were placed together to complete murals down Dundas Street on the main strip of the Old East Village corridor. Through this program, new artist partnerships are facilitated, creating new mentorship opportunities.

Artist Sylvie Verwaayen was partnered with muralist Tova Hasiwar and given a challenging, two story wall to paint. Tova designed  a visual representation of how resilient and sustainable food systems can build community and enrich neighbourhoods. The design incorporated a  honey bee, since they provide an amazing model for how to live and work cooperatively

The wall is located between the Root Cellar and the St Regis on Dundas St., just east of Adelaide. The existing mural was badly peeling and bubbling as it was never given a proper base of primer. The first step was to clean the surface, mainly with a 3500 psi power washer. The next day the surface was primed and that night the image was projected and drawn on the wall. It took a total of 12 days working straight through with days ranging from 9-13 hours per day. Coverage of the project was covered on the OEV BIA blo An on the Tourism London website with all the other murals.