Below is my latest and largest pour(s) art to date. The canvas is 4×5 ft. The first image is the overall look with detail images that follow. It took many pours and time to create the composition. Thank you to Robert Sven Kuenzlen and his wife Therese for your belief in what could be. This project definitely stretched my abilities and I am thrilled with the outcome. Acrylic pours are rarely this large and this was a joy to figure out. This piece will be enjoyed by their grandchildren who will be tasked to see what they see in all the shapes and hung in their great room.   What a great idea!

As you can see, each are very different from each other. Shipping costs extra. Place your cursor over an image to see more information about it (don’t click). Do click on a thumbnail to see a larger image. Click on the filters below to see grouped items.